Professional manufacturer stage dance floor rental led display- SHENZHEN PORSTAR ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD

1.High Refresh Rate 
2. Die casting cabinet 
3. Neutrick conn 
4. dance Flood led display 
5.500mm x 500mm 11KG/pc.550KG/sqm 
1. Sharpe series are made from aluminum mold, strong and precise; Full waterproof cabinet with IP65 power and data connector enables its wide application through any events that take place indoor or outdoor.

2. It could be one of the thinnest LED displays in the industry; with only 50mm depth, the weight is only 9.5kg. You can carry two panels at one time!  Your installation stuff could not be more satisfied.

3. Thanks to the integrated mold design, the thermal conductivity is very good and we could get rid of fans cooling. This quite display is very important for some of your event like concert touring.

4. Unlike most of the product in the industry, we designed a double layer power supply system which is from AC-DC and DC-DC. This system enhances the power transforming efficiency to a high level of 83%.
5. The inter-locker is fast and easy, frees your hands from any other complicated tools.

6. Sharpe 10mm is equipped with MBI5042 16bit diving IC, DBSTAR controlling system. The high refresh rate, vivid color processing guarantees you a high-end broadcasting show.


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