Indoor full color rental led display P4.8mm, indoor led screen, Indoor Rental LED Display - SHENZHEN PORSTAR ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD

Rental LED Displays has huge markets during these years, and to let our products perfect-standard out from all of our competitor 

Our Services
  • Pre-sale service
  • 1.We offered technical advises to our customers before buying our led screen
    2.Help customers to choose suitable product within budget most economy benefit.
    3.We offered software customization for our customer a specific usage.

  • 1.We promise our customer more than just two years warrantly service!We provide free maitenance services including remote configuration,technical consultation,and trouble shooting for our costomer.
    2.We promise a life time follow-up service for all the equipment supply by our company.these include continuously improve of system functions and upgrade of system software.
    3.We offered training to our customer which include operating and maintenance of our products.


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    1. thanks so much for your interested in our blog, and if you want to know more new products, you can can care about us more . thanks so much


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