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PORSTAR successful led display case:P15.625mm LED Media Facade Display Is Installed In Qatar

PORSTAR successful led display case:P15.625mm LED Media Facade Display Is Installed In Qatar
Projection Details: P15.625mm DIP 349 Outdoor Media facade led display Size: 8M X 4M, screen with 64pcs Top Slim Cabinet 500mm x 1000mm EPISTAR RGB Chips,Brightness more than 7500CD/sqm IP68 wateproof Level,can be deep cabinet into water Fire Proof, take anti-fire Aluminum Material Front /Back Service LED Cabinets,only 9kg/cabinet. Transparent rate more than 45%, protect Big wind and sad, Special Power suply deisgn with CE,ROHS,FCC,UL, it can be working from 96V-264V Automatic. Power&Signal Cables together, more safe and stable.

Israel Energy gas station Shop P8mm outdoor advertising LED Display


Iphone design P4mm outdoor LED Displays 65inch from PORSTAR


outdoor curtain LED Media facade

Pixel Pitch:P6,P7,P15,P16,P20,P30,P30,We can meet the needs of different applications; the products are widely used in outdoor glass surface building(billboard,wall, roof, column display).

1.Low wind resistance design,polar module design,diversified weather detection
2.No electrolytic and short lift-span units in display;Log-lift span design.
3.Full ventilation design,minimal wind resistance for column screen and roof screen,support structure greatly simplified,more stable and secure.

4.Long-lift span Design Selected stainless duradle raw materials. low load operation design.
5.low load operation design.
(1)Unique EMC Design    Higher than normal EMC stander (2)Ultra Low Temperature Operation Design No matter how wicked temperature is,it will work from 45 selsius-85 Celsius (3)Wide Voltage Design 85V-260V,responding to use voltage range,overcome in unstable conditions peak power with off-peak operation
(4)Floating Structure Technology HiMake the panel as possible.whatever Cold,Warm an…

Smart Outdoor Curtain Screen

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Top Four Features of smart curtain display

Top Four Features of smart curtain display: ★Quick Installation Foolproof design make operate and maintenance easier by non-professional after simple training. ★Super-thin Design The thinnest part:12mm,thickness of the display unit 70mm,and the overall thickness of the structure containing less than 120mm. The utility model can be installed on the wall or directly installed on the glass curtain wall with a large area ★Super-light Structure Design 10KG per SQM.5KG per Module, minimize the weight of structure. Easily replace current commercial billboard. And directly install on outdoor glass surface building. ★Transparency Design Maximum 80% transparency, minimum 50% transparency. Low wind-resistance design. High Rate of Visual