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PR-HARD Series adopts Ultra thin Aluminum Outdoor Rental LED Display design, strong steady and endurable structure, we calibrated and optimized balance between led brightness, color and contrast which made excellent color uniformity
P6mm,P6.67mm P8mm,P10mm SMD3535/DIP Outdoor Aluminum Rental LED displays:
Wide Applicability: Stage rental events, entertainment, indoor and outdoor environment.
Light Weight:Using aluminum profile material, the cabinet weight is only 13.5kg.
High Contrast Ratio: novel design of mask,contrast ratio can reach 2200.
Quiet:Direct current fan only has little noise.
Thin:the thickest part of cabinet is only 80mm.
High Precision:each cabinet of precision deviation <0.5mm;
High Refreshing:Usually it can reach 1200Hz,but it can reach 3200Hz if you use appropriative IC.
Convenient and Fast Installation.
Best Cabinet Size:576mm * 576mm Or 640mm x 640mm


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