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Outdoor Advertising Solutions--Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co., Ltd.

Outdoor Advertising Solutions  Outdoor LED Display can work under the sun for high brightness and large viewing angle with a certain function of windbreak, rainproof and waterproof, which is widely used as outdoor advertising and information media at station, square and shopping mall. Outdoor LED Displaycan be divided into pillared screen, wall-mounted screen and floor-standing screen etc. General Equipment for Outdoor Display 1. Video Processor with multiple signal channel, satisfying the switch of different perspectives from live broadcast, advertising image and on-scene interview; 2. Splicer a kind of high and new equipment dividing a complete image into several blocks to achieve a large dynamic screen withmultiple ordinary video units; 3. Remote Circuit Control System to open and close the circuit at a fixed time within distance and to detect fault circuit;4. Fiber Plant applied to LED display for remote real-time digital video transmission system. Photo Gallery Related Products http://ww…

Stage Rental Display Solutions

Stage Rental Display Solutions Stage LED Display can divide a complete image into several blocks or achieve a large dynamic screen with multiple ordinary video units, which can realize the overlay of image-texts, close-up of figures, scrolling of texts, horizontal and vertical movement etc. Stage renta Display is widely used in Large entertainment venues and big events for its light weight, fast installation and dismantlement, easy maintenance, which can be mainly divided into dangling screen, floor-standing screen and floating screen. General Equipment for Stage Display 1. Video Processor with multiple signalchannel, satisfying the switch of different perspectives from live broadcast, advertising  image and on-scene interview; 2. Splicer a kind of high and new equipment dividing a complete image into several blocks to achieve a large dynamic screen with multiple ordinary video units; 3. DVI Distributor used for multiple digital video output with one-way digital video input and multi-chann…

USA partner(Danny) to visit us for long term cooperation on led displays


Hot Sales!!! professional P5.95mm Die casting rental cabinet 500mm x 1000mm LED indoor display/

Introduction:Indoor Die Casting Rental led display screen PR-SMART series:
PR-SMART Series adopts Die Casting Rental LED Display design, strong steady and endurable structure, And make update die casting cabinets from 500mm x 500mm into 500mm x 1000mm, we calibrated and optimized balance between led brightness, color and contrast which made excellent color uniformity.

Indoor Die Casting Rental led display screen SMART Series:
1. The High Definition led display adopts patented SMD Encapsulation Technology..
2. We take Die Casting Rental hanging system led display cabinets, the cabinets are made by quality aluminum alloy 5052 through Ultra-thin processors, which helps ensure higher precision, small joint and reliable strength.
3. For this type PR-SMART cabinets, we can design the Pitch P5.9MM, P6.9MM for clients optional.
4. The cabinets are designed with receptacle compatibility in mind, Available compatible receptacle includes, Meanwell Power supply, NEUTRICK, SEENTRONIC, CHOGORI co…