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How to Buy A Good LED Screen Solutions

In a world where technology is reformed every now and then, diversities in devices are a fad off late. Likewise, LED screen are fast replacing LCD Display, which is indeed a hint at the redefining ways of technology. Here our experts point out several points need to be notice when looking for new LED screen
LED stands for light emitting diode and is an advanced stage of LCD. LED video displays employ gentle emitting diodes and are technology's latest brainchild. Nowadays with businesses expanding at a fast pace, advertising methodologies have progressed as well. Business owners and companies are steadily utilizing outdoor advertising concepts to spread their corporate idea and credibility. Electronic message boards in form of specialized LEDs are used for corporate signs on highways and roads for better impact on the bystanders.
If you want to know how to buy a good LED screen, you have to look at the special features of LEDs that make them different from LCDs: They do not use filam…

Soft Cylinder LED Display Showed In South Korea Shopping Mall

Item: P6.6mm Indoor soft LED Display with Cylinder Design typePlace: Seoul, South Korea Detail of led display: P6.66mm Cylinder LED Display With SMD3528 NATIONSTAR LED Design 7pcs Cyliner led display, and each Cylinder LED Display size: Diameter 1.6M and height 4.5M. Front Service Soft LED Module, Module size: 320mm x 160mm LED Pitch: P6.66mm and P10mm provided Design Types: Circle,Cylinder,Ball,Half Circle,Curved and others should be customized by Client.

P4mm INDOOR LED Display Fixed In Biggest GALITA Cloths Shops

PORSTAR signed 3years big contract with GALITA Brand shops, Support them only P2.5mm P3mm and P4mm HD Indoor LED Display. Each Shop should be fixed Indoor LED Displays.  GALITA is biggest And Name brand Shops for Cloths,shoes and others. They have more than 200 shops in ISRAEL and others countries, During 2015, we cooperated with small sample P4mm led displays orders, Clients has got good feedback  toward our qualitys and Service on LED Display. From 2016, We have signed 3years cooperation contract on LED Displays only. PORSTAR will support all GALITA Shops INDOOR LED Displays during 2016-2018 Years. Now PORSTAR has got very matural technology of small pitch LED Displays, from P2mm led display, P2.5mm led display, P3mm led display and P4mm led displays. Take all high qualitys Material for Export LED Displays, such as PCB,LEDs package company, Chips, IC,Power Supply, LED Module plastic cover, Power supply, even Cables should be pure cooper internation standard etc.

Find Best Way To Maintain LED Displays Well!

Edit:Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd      Date:Nov 18, 2016
Find best Way to Maintain LED Displays well. PORSTAR has provided some suggestions 
and ideas for you.
1. Keep enough Dry of our LED display. No matter Outdoor led display or indoor led 
displays, Becasuse Power on the LED display with humidity that will cause the components

2. Keep habit to clean your  LED display. After 5months, there must be lots of dust cover the
 screen that will impact the viewing effect and also is bad for the electric circuit. So wipe out 
the dust timely, do it lightly to reduce the harm to the minimum.
3. Check Power cables of each LED cabinets, our POWER Cable will be 5A, after some 
days, in avoide some cables are weak few, less than 5A, you need make new cables or use 
spare pars cables instead of them, iF Cables less than 5A, maybe will cause led moduels
 are color differents.4. No water or electric conduction things in outdoor LED display screen. Please cut off the 
power immediately if wat…