PORSTARLED--P2.98mm/P3.91mm/P4.8mm/P5.2mm Full color LED Display board LED Screen


1.High Definitions
2.Die casting rental cabinets 500mmx 500mm
3.SMD2724 Black LED
4.High Refresh Rate
5. Meanwell Power

Introduction:P3.91mm Indoor Slim Rental led displays:
Slim Rental LED Displays has huge markets during these years, and to let our products perfect-standard out from all of our competitors, we developed a new led display featuring Small pitch, High Resolution, More lighter and easy to assemble led display cabinets.

P3.91mm Indoor Slim Rental led displays:
1. The High Definition led display adopts patented SMD Encapsulation Technology..
2. We take Die Casting Rental hanging system led display cabinets, the cabinets are made by quality aluminum alloy 5052 through Ultra-thin processors, which helps ensure higher precision, small joint and reliable strength.
3. For this type
GOLD Series cabinets, we can design the Pitch P2.98MM,P3.91MM, P4.8MM, P5.2MM, and P6.2MM for clients optional.
4. The cabinets are designed with receptacle compatibility in mind, Available compatible receptacle includes, MeanWell Power supply, NEUTRICK, SEENTRONIC, CHOGORI connectors. Customization requirement can also be met..
5. So Lighter LED Display cabinet, standard cabinet size 500mm x 500mm, only 8KG/pc.
6. The high refresh rate of 1500HZ, accurate color reproduction, 18Bit grayscale and brightness correction function combine to enable the product to deliver HD quality videos, if take LINSN28161IC driver, the refresh rate will be more than 3500HZ.


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