outdoor curtain LED Media facade

Pixel Pitch:P6,P7,P15,P16,P20,P30,P30,We can meet the needs of different applications; the products are widely used in outdoor glass surface building(billboard,wall, roof, column display).

1.Low wind resistance design,polar module design,diversified weather detection

2.No electrolytic and short lift-span units in display;Log-lift span design.

3.Full ventilation design,minimal wind resistance for column screen and roof screen,support structure greatly simplified,more stable and secure.

4.Long-lift span Design
Selected stainless duradle raw materials. low load operation design.

5.low load operation design.

(1)Unique EMC Design    Higher than normal EMC stander
(2)Ultra Low Temperature Operation Design
No matter how wicked temperature is,it will work from 45 selsius-85 Celsius
(3)Wide Voltage Design
85V-260V,responding to use voltage range,overcome in unstable conditions peak power with off-peak operation

(4)Floating Structure Technology
HiMake the panel as possible.whatever Cold,Warm and Drippy

(5)Anti-flaming Design
We choose light metal as structure materials,mask,silicon,all of them are anti-UV,anit-flaming and waterproof

(6)Glossy Appearance Design
None of any screw,none of fasteners and none of accessories in front,Higher reliability


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